How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication for Instagram on Android

Each and every social media service which the users are using contains so much important data and private media of registered individuals more probably. We could say that even the media files or the private conversation through these social media services are also greatly valuable to the users. The security for that data is the major aspect which requires being focused clearly. This statement is reasonably accomplished well by the developers, and they had already integrated the login security feature on their social media services. Developers work hard to strengthen the security level for their password login system but still, it could not be stated as the most secure way to protect the user accounts. The hackers are quite intelligent and also much familiar with the password login panel hence they easily can pierce through that protection panel and gain the access to user accounts. Continue reading

How to Get UPI Payment Option In Whatsapp App

Whatsapp UPI option has been the hot topic for the past few days just like Voice calling feature rolled out few years back. As some of them already have this feature and many doesn’t, we are making it easier for the rest.

UPI payment is the most easier method of payment and now has become the popular method of payment among everyone hence providers like Paytm, Freecharge introduced UPI option in their respective platforms and now it’s Whatsapp’s turn to bring this popular feature. It is expected to take the UPI payments option to the next level as Whatsapp is used by almost everyone in the country.

whatsapp upi

How to get UPI option in Whatsapp? :

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How To Repair Corrupted Memory Card/USB Hard Drive

Today in this computer world everything is based on data transfer that is possible through portable memory storage devices that are the memory card, pen drives, and Hard drives. However, sometimes due to viruses and improper ejection of these drive leads to the corruption. And in that case, Windows can’t format your portable memory drive properly. So to resolve this issue, we are here with a trick to Repair Corrupted Memory Card or USB Hard Drive. By this method, you can easily repair your drive and can use it.

How To Repair Your Corrupted Memory Card/USB Hard Drive

How To Repair  Corrupted Memory Card/USB Hard Drive

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How to Check easily Aadhaar Authentication History

Hello Offernloot Users today i am back With A new Post Where We will tell You Full step To know Your Worthy Aadhar Authenticate history easily. Aadhaar is a national identity card issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Many Indians now have an Aadhaar card and you can use it to verify your identity while getting a new SIM card, gas connection, or even to make payments. Your Aadhaar data includes biometric information such as a retina scan and fingerprint scans too, so it’s a commonly used method of authentication. Instead of filling up long forms for everything that requires a valid photo ID, you could use your Aadhaar card and authenticate via biometrics or a one-time password sent to your phone. If you’re worried that your Aadhaar data could be misused, you can also lock Aadhaar biometric data online. You can also check when your Aadhaar data was used for authentication. Just follow these steps and know your require deatils in just some minutes.

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How Can I check which bank account Is Linked With AADHAR Card

UIDAI, the authority that issues Aadhaar, allows people to check online if their bank account has been linked to Aadhaar with its Bank Mapper website. This online service involves an OTP sent to the user’s registered mobile number, which must be keyed in to see which bank the Aadhaar number has been linked to. However, there is another way to check this that, unfortunately, does not have the authentication safeguard of the OTP. This means anyone with your Aadhaar ID can see which bank account it was linked to. Continue reading

How to Link My Adhaar Number With My Mobile Number Online

How to Link Aadhaar Card to Mobile Number Online:-Hello Guys Starting this New Year, Now You can link Your Adhaar Number with your mobile Number Without Biometric verification means you can Link Your Aadhaar number By just calling to a Number and Verify Adhaar Number using OTP 14546 IVRS Method,

This Process is much simpler than the old BioMetric verification Process just dial a Number and enter The Adhaar Number to Verify the Identity You will need to Put the OTP received on Registered Mobile Number.Once you Complete OTP Verification You will get You e-KYC done.

link aadhaar card to mobile number online using OTP Method

Note:- From 1st January 2017 the process of Link Aadhar card to Mobile Number Using 14546 IVRS Method will be start.

Call At to Re-verify: 14546

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Tricks For to Remove Hidden Keyloggers from your PC

Keyloggers are the unique and the most commonly used methods by the hackers to identify or reveal the credentials or data. The only need is to have the access to the device over which the keylogger is to be installed, once installed the device would not make this software appear in anyways. This shall remain working in the background of the tasks yet being fully hidden to the user. The access to the device is required only once at the time of installation. Now when the keylogger is installed which is preconfigured then this starts to track and identify each and every of the word and keys being hit on the keyboard. The whole of the data for the words typed by the user someway also contains the passwords and the accounts which were accessed before. This data when the hacker or the keylogger injecting person views, the credentials are hacked. Now as said before the keyloggers are not at all visible anyways to the user of the device, how could you find if your PC is having any keylogger or not? Also if you have it on your device then how could this be removed? In this post, we have written about the exact answers to these questions. Please refer below to the main content of this article if you are interested to know about the questions or simply the way to remove the keyloggers from PC!

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Best App For Control My Router

The router is a device that helps to protect the network through wireless mode. Every Wifi connection uses one router for the users. This hence helps the multiple users connect to the same network. Now when there are Multiple users connected to the same router the speed for the network goes down. While finding yourself in this situation you might be willing to have some way through which the router could be controlled by your smartphone only. This is also a good way to make this easy for controlling the router wirelessly and solving any small issues with that. Actually, for certain brands, their routers are manifested with the option to control it through wireless using any smartphone apps. Here in this part, we will be telling you about all those major router brands and their well-made apps for the wireless control to the routers. If you are interested to know about the apps for those major router brands then just keep on reading. The whole information is given below with apps that you can use to control your router even at the time of emergency like when you suddenly want to stop the data flow or something like that. So have a look at these apps below.

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