(Limited offer )Cryptoairdrops – Get crypto tokens and coins for free

Crypto airdrops – Get free cryptocurrency tokens or coins by simple tasks Previously we have made a post of IOST airdrop from that many of the vistors got upto $50 worth tokens.  As we all know cryptocurrency is a booming business.

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A crypto airdrop is when a CryptoCurrency project distributes free tokens/ coins as a reward to the people who perform certain tasks at these project’s request. To be a recipient of a crypto airdrop often the only requirement is that you sign-up with few details and/or share a word about them on social media.

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(Bigloot only 2hours left ) IOSToken– Get 68 Token worth ₹366 Per Referral ( Transfer to bank)

HI  viewers after the Sphere biggest loot we have got you a new crypto named IOST from which you can make $5.66 per refferal. Trading for the IOST has been already started so loot it fast .

The IOS (Internet of Services) offers a solid infrastructure for all kinds of online service providers. Its ultra-high TPS, privacy protection, scalable and secure blockchain provide infinitely many new possibilities for online service providers to serve their customer base.

 Today is last day of Refer and Earn, it will be expired around 09:00PM Sunday – 28th Jan 2018.

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(Proof added )Sphere.social – Get Rs150 on signup and Rs150 per refer ( Decentralized social network)

Sphere.social cryptocurrency and  Decetralized social network :- Sphere is a next generation, de-centralized social network. The network will contain its own cryptocurrency token. As you all aware of the term decetralized which means central will be having authority. Its your data no one in the world will get access to it. Sphere is the worlds first decetralized social network along with a cryptocurrency.

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This will be the biggest revolution in the field of both cryptocurrecy and social network. As we all are using the social networks like facebook,twitter, Instagram , snapchat. Do you know that the social media industry is worth more than $500 Billion+. These all the sites are making billions dollars of money from you.

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Have they ever paid you a single penny for using their sites. Here the revolution started with Sphere.social which will pay you for every single click from Sphere. Lets disrupt the $500 billion dollars industry and start with a new revolution with sphere.Decentralized platform SPHERE will give an opportunity to earn on the advertising companies of its users. Now for each action you will receive SAT tokens, which you can spend for any purpose and invest in reliable investments through the blocking and crypto currency exchange technologies.

Sphere is also started the refferal programm from which you can earn SAT ( social activity tokens ) which is the cryptocurrency of Sphere. 100SAT = $5. They are presently  offering 50 tokens on sign up + 50 tokens per refer upto 50 members. That means you can upto a sum of ₹8000 . This is a big loot follow all the steps from below. The amount is provided to you in the form of tokens which can be transfered to bank after its ICO

How to get ₹150 on sign up + ₹150 per refer upto ₹8000 ( Worth tokens ) :-

1. Firstly visit the sphere From here | CLICK HERE

It’s must to go from the above link to get $2.5 worth tokens )

2.  On the signup page Enter your mail id,then Re type mail,Create a new Password and Re type the password and now click on I’am not a robot and verify it by recaptha.

3. Click  on Signup button.

4. Now open your mail inbox  and verify it by clicking on the mail you got from sphere.(check in the spam folder also)

(Verifing the mail is must to get ₹150 worth token in your wallet)

5. Verify Your Account & Login to Your Account.

6. You will get 50 tokens in your wallet which are worth ₹150 ( $2.5)

7. Now click on the three horizotal lines on the top right.

8. Click on refer and earn and copy the link and share with your friends.

9. With this you can make upto ₹8000.

After you earn the token. To sell them or use them you should have an ethererum address which will get you a private and public key.

As we know that sphere is both the combination Cryptocurrency and Decntralized social media

With every click, with every social connection, and every loaded page you can earn serious cash as we build a better decentralized social network together, taking back the power and profits.

Download the sphere app from below

Note :- You have to create a separate account for the app. This is only the social network app


How to earn more  SAT from Bounty programm :-

Sphere is also conducting a Bouty programm . We welcome you to write and share posts about Sphere. You will be rewarded for receiving feedback in the form of likes, followers, or views. The sooner you get started the more tokens you can earn. Tokens will be awarded after our sale ends.

They are many social platform from which you can make SAT by spreading the word of the sphere.

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Facebook Bounty 

Post about Sphere and earn tokens on Facebook

1. Like and follow @SphereSocialNetwork
2. Post about Sphere.

You must like and follow the Sphere Facebook page.

Your post and # friends/followers must be public.

An account only qualifies once, no matter how many posts you make.

Maximum amount of posts to qualify for this bounty is 10 post per week.

Minimum amount of posts to qualify for this bounty is 1 posts per week.

After you followed all the details from above click on the joinlink below and enter your details


Repeat this process every week to get SAT

 Bouty program is also available for Youtube, Reddit, Twitter,Medium You can also spread the word of  Sphere is make tokens for all the Bouty programm details visit here – Sphere Bounty.

The Sphere Marketplace:-


Our networking platform will incorporate vital e-commerce properties. This will make it easy and simple for registered users to create products or advertise services that their friends can see and purchase using their SAT. Take for instance, if you intend advertising your phone for sale, all you need do is take photos of your mobile device and list it with a title, description and a price tag. You can then adjust your privacy settings to limit who will be able to view your posts. Once that is posted, interested users can purchase the advertised products or services by simply clicking on the purchase button. By clicking on “Purchase”, the required worth of that product or service in SAT will be sent to the seller’s wallet immediately and the transaction will be marked as completed.   
For every click you will be paid the SAT . The sphere has its markplace build in with the app . You can make purchase of any products placed by the users by exchanging the SAT tokens.

How to transfer the SAT :-

Sphere is going to lauch its own wallet soon. For SAT presently you can use mist,myetherwallet,metamask etc..

Click on the  Menu icon on top right.

Click on the Transfer option

Screenshot 2017 12 04 17 31 231 180x300 - (Proof of $251) Biggest loot Sphere- Get ₹300 on signup + ₹300 per refferal upto $251 (cryptocurrency)


Transfer to ETH address will be enabled after the token sale.

The token sale is set on February 12th 2018.

How to create MYETHERWALLET and transfer Sphere tokens full guide – VISIT HERE

Proof of tokens:-

The cryptocurrency has been started in the year 2009 with bitcoin. presently its value is around  $16,000. They are 1000+ of cryptocurrencies exist in the world. We have missed their ICO’s. Now we can go with the Ico of SAT which set on febraury 13th 2018. To Get the SAT from the presale – CLICK HERE

If you all have any doubts comment below or  whatsapp us at 7337409897